World of Tanks Game


World of Tanks - Rolling deep with an army of upgradable tanks in an online, multiplayer fashion

War on Continuous Tracks

If I were to tell you that you could play a game involved riding around in vehicles with top speeds of around 30mph with poor manoeuvrability, extremely low fuel efficiency, and a tendency to succumb to mechanical failure, would you be at all interested? Well, if this was a racing game, then I’d understand your concern, but this is World of Tanks from, where tanks are the only option you have for crushing the enemy. It’s ok though, because you don’t just have a few tanks to play around with, you have more than a platoon’s worth to choose from, a huge number of maps to fight in, and a range of upgrades and customisations that allow you to tailor your own fleet of tanks to your own personal preferences. Fancy mowing down an enemy vehicle with a shell fired from a bright-pink tank? It’s not every warlord’s preference, but the option is there if you want it, as are hundreds of others in this detailed and in-depth game of warfare. 

Daring to be Detailed

So you’re new to World of Tanks and don’t know what to expect? Maybe you’re used to the shoot-em-up side of war as represented sublimely in Strike Force Heroes 2? Well, firstly, don’t be put off by the level of detail that the game goes into about its 150 or so tanks because it’s a surprisingly accessible affair in which you can get stuck into battle almost immediately. You begin with a range of Tier 1 (the weakest tier) tanks and can begin battling in teams of 30 against an opposing team composed of the same number. You simply have to battle it out using the WASD configuration to control the movement of the tank, the mouse to control the crosshair, and mouse button 1 to fire. Holding down the right mouse button lets you auto-aim, and the shift button lets you enter sniper mode. There are a variety of other consumable items used by pressing the number keys and a few other bits and bobs to learn as well; the tutorial furnishes you with all the information that you will need to get started.

Out-Ranked or Out-Tanked?

The marketing strategy for the game laid on the variety of tanks extremely thickly in its adverts, and said adverts were not an exaggeration. Beginning with a selection of a few tanks at Tier 1 such as the T1 Cunningham and MS-1, you are able to gain experience during battles that you can spend on upgrading various parts of your tank, unlocking higher tiers as you go. With 10 tiers of tank to eventually get through, you’re not stuck for variety, as you will go on to experience an American T49, a German Pz38na, and even artillery tanks and self-propelled guns. You have 33 maps in which to test out your tanks against the randomly-selected enemy team as well, with more modes unlocked when reaching tier 4.


Far from talking about literally taking the life of an enemy when I say “execution”, I’m more concerned with how World of Tanks goes about letting you do so. Well, the physics of the game are very realistic and will limit the manoeuvrability of your lower-tier tanks quite considerably. It truly gives you the sense that you are handling an extremely clunky and complicated piece of machinery; even the crosshairs aren’t 100% accurate and possess a slight margin of error. You’ll find yourself having to use cover during battles as well, since all-out blasting of the enemy like you were any one of the characters from Predator simply isn’t an option here. The only heavy bit criticism I can think of dropping is the fact that the format can get repetitive and the fact that premium players have the advantage also grinds my gears considerably. If you’re looking for a less in-depth war game experience, you’re better off with the likes of Endless War Defense, but if you’re after immense detail, you’ll struggle to find another war game that gives you so much control over such a large quantity of tanks that are as impressively loyal to historical detail, though.



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