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Shell Shock 2 Live

Battle your friends

Shell Shock 2 Live: Battle Your Friends

In a few clicks, you'll be on the battlefield in your very own tank with up to 5 other real-world players. Team up in a 3v3 match or fend for yourself in a free-for-all. It's up to you!

200+ Weapons

Shell Shock 2 Live: 200+ Weapons

Master over 200 unique weapons to ensure victory. Weapons range from Nukes to Seagulls and everything in-between. Each weapon is fully upgradable and we're constantly adding more.

Chaos on the Battlefield

Shell Shock 2 Live: Chaos on the Battlefield

With a multitude of modes, maps, and settings, every round is exciting. Crank up the wind for a challenging twist, or enable "All-Shot" mode where every tank shoots at once!

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