Awesome Tanks 2 Game

Awesome Tanks 2 Brings Better Gameplay, Improved UI

The first Awesome Tanks game was interesting to play; it had a decent game system and intuitive controls, but the overall feel still felt lacking. Awesome Tanks 2 manages to bring the game a whole lot closer to the “awesome” level of the title. Comparing the two, AT2 is more of a massive improvement than it is a sequel. After all, there is no continuing storyline and there have been no major tweaks in the game itself. There are improved visuals, more enemies, more stages, and more upgrades –basically the original Awesome Tanks with plenty of add-ons included.

Flash game sequels can be one of two things: a real bona-fide sequel that starts you off from a different point as compared to the first game (usually, right after the first game’s ending), and the second type of flash game sequel is basically a version 2 of the original game. Awesome Tanks 2 is more a version 2 than a real sequel. This is not a bad thing, improvements to a game are always welcome, and the fact that it gets its own title (as opposed to being Awesome Tanks 1.5) means that the developers have decided to add in so much more new stuff that it can be considered a game on its’ own.

The catch with “improved versions” as opposed to real sequels is that the improved ones always turn the first game into something redundant. So we will stay this straight out: if you have not tried the first Awesome Tanks game, skip it and play this one instead. Everything that the first game provided is in here, only better. Same controls, same concept, and improvements aside, it is also, the same game. Let’s just hope that if they make an Awesome Tanks 3, it would be something that is a massive step forward from these first two.

For those of you not familiar with Awesome Tanks 2, the game is an incredible shooter. You take control of a tank in a top down two-dimensional 360 degree shooter. The WASD or keyboard directional keys allow you to steer and maneuver your tank –allowing you to position yourself in strategic locations on the map (to get good vantage points and to avoid enemy fire). The mouse allows you to aim and shoot in practically any direction. You will have a variety of weapons at your disposal –these payloads can be changed and upgraded in the upgrade menu in between each stage. Ammunition is also needed for a lot of the weapons, so be sure to stock up on those too.

The visuals are quite similar to the first game, but they seem to have added more depth to the various sprites. This makes the graphics feel a lot less flat and a little more immersive They still use overly saturated colors, but that design choice seems like a deliberate effort on the part of the developers –it would be interesting to see this game making use of palette that plays with more earthy and rustic colors. The animation does work well with the existing design scheme, with bouncy pop-up turrets and comical looking effects.

So, is the game as awesome as the title suggests? Almost there but not quite, the graphics have certainly been refined and they are a lot better to look at. There are also new weapons to play around with (and new enemies to shoot them with!), and the stage design has become a lot more sensible. If you enjoyed the first, this is a definite step up in terms of quality. And if you have not played the first, just play this one instead.