Awesome Tanks 1 Game

Awesome Tanks: Almost as Awesome as it Sounds

Tanks are awesome, they are giant hulking machines that can blow things up while being able to take a lot of damage. So a game based on tanks is bound to be great right? Well, kind of. Awesome Tanks is a top down two-dimensional shooter that puts you in control of a tank. The game is easy to grasp, has plenty of nice upgrades, a casually satisfying challenge level, and most importantly, an intuitive control system that makes it easy to pick up and play. What it does have going against it is a very simplistic gameplay mechanic and also, the mediocre graphics.

Awesome Tanks is all about blowing stuff up from the relative safety of your own tank. You will have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal and the ability to upgrade various aspects of your vehicle for improving your performance (such as defense and maneuverability). The goal is to beat all the enemies in every stage while taking as little damage as possible. As you progress through the stages, the game gets relatively harder; good thing you can upgrade weapons and stats in order to keep up with the game’s pace.

There are plenty of powerful weapons in this game which delivers on the scale of games such as Raze 2 for weapon variety. such as remote controlled rockets and high intensity lasers –and you get to use them all simply by farming for upgrades. Still, players will have to execute some skillful ground based moves in order to tactically position yourself for good shots while ensuring that you avoid as much of the enemy projectiles being thrown at you. The enemies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, just be sure to be aware of heavily damaging turrets and make full use of your varied weapons inventory to adapt to the situation. That being said, the heavy laser is ridiculously powerful when it comes to dealing with the weaker enemy grunts (just be sure to switch to something that has higher DPS when it comes to bosses).

The challenge of this tank game is going to be pretty decent for casual players while those of you who are a little more hardcore will certainly consider this to be a brisk walk in the park. The upgrade system present in the game will make it worth playing till the very end. Once you do complete everything, you still have the option of playing custom maps with the map editor –not exactly our cup of tea (though there are those who do consider this to be a mighty good plus).

One of the things Awesome Tanks could have really improved upon is the graphics. The visuals are really simple and generic. The backgrounds are flat, the animations are too simple, and the visual details are so unpolished that it feels like the developers did put in enough effort. At the very least, it is not confusing to look at. The menus are easy to figure out and the same applies to the rest of the game. What we would have liked to see are better tank details, and a more cohesive look between the more archaic looking tanks and the softer cartoon backgrounds. On a side note, the tank designs tend to remind us of an old NES game, Battle City.

Our verdict for this game? It is still worth a try, but you will not miss out on anything if you decide to pass it up compared to vast free games such as World of Tanks. There is a better experience that awaits players with the sequel, Awesome Tanks 2. And while it is not perfect, this sequel has plenty of great elements and massive improvements as compared to the first game.